Public Relations Consultancy Recruitment


Public Relations agencies face a number of challenges, from managing diverse client expectations to developing a strong pipeline of new business and attracting the best and brightest in the industry to provide market-leading ideas, strategic counsel and reputational advice.

Our job at Salt & Shein is to partner with our agency clients and work with them to find the right talent to fit each agency’s specific culture, style of working and technical requirements. To do this, we apply executive search sensibilities to the agency landscape. We actively leverage our extensive network of market ‘connectors’ and candidates, engage with them effectively, and then validate candidate credentials and expertise to ensure ‘best fit’.

For us, the focus is very much on quality across levels and titles – and we would rather submit one excellent referral than waste your time with four average ones.  In a relatively small market, the challenge is often where and how to find that elusive set of skills or perfect team ‘fit’ and we pride ourselves on stretching beyond the ‘usual suspects’ and searching laterally across sectors and markets to unearth new and often unique talents.

From a candidate perspective, we provide deep market insight and career counsel to help talented PR practitioners gain the most from their time in a dynamic , vibrant and over-changing PR landscape. We apply our own extensive experience within PR agencies In Australia and abroad to help candidates achieve their immediate and longer term career goals taking into account the increasing desire for balance and personal and professional fulfilment.

Our counsel is always transparent and honest. Trust is what we have built our reputation on and this underpins all of our interactions with both our PR agency partners and our candidates.

Whether you are an aspiring PR or at the top of your game leading an agency or practise, or someone just interested in having a conversation with like-minded consultants who have lived and breathed various industry iterations we encourage you to get in touch.

Please contact Lucinda or Cynthia by phone or email:

Lucinda Attrill

Direct: +61 2 9947 9718

Mobile: 0405 219 732


Cynthia Carmody

Direct: +61 2 8035 8821

Mobile: 0434 527 073