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In this digital age, successfully ranking in search engines is critical to an organisation’s success online. Search engine optimisation (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) professionals are a crucial component of any online strategy, and the success of any organisation’s digital footprint.

At Salt & Shein, we place experienced SEO and SEM professionals in consultancy and in-house roles with some of the biggest organisations in Australia and across the globe with our international partners. We assist with a range of roles, such as Account Managers, SEM Managers, SEO Managers and Digital Marketing Managers.

Our consultants have impressive client connections, who trust us to find the right resources to support their digital and SEO strategy. We have extensive industry knowledge that enables us to identify what our clients need, and we use our years of experience to connect the right person with the right role.

As experts in our field, we attract the very best talent, and develop relationships with some of the world’s best-known brands. If you’re looking for a new role and have the experience we’re looking for, or need a top-class addition to your team, talk to us about how we can help.


Search engine strategy has become increasingly complex and continues to evolve at a rapid rate. The type of candidates we work with are experienced in bringing innovation to SEO services, while managing budgetary constraints to achieve set objectives.

We work with a global network of clients to place the very best SEO and SEM practitioners in roles that suit their experience and skills.


Our candidates have demonstrable experience in developing and executing successful SEM and SEO services that cater to the aims and objectives of the organisation. As well as an ability to think strategically and create long-term plans, they have a thorough understanding of keyword research and can use it to guide their strategy and content production teams.

They understand that search engine marketing encompasses many skills and disciplines, and combine knowledge of optimising website content, creating landing pages that convert and utilising paid search promotion options amongst others. The executives we place have a thorough understanding of both on and off-page search engine optimisation strategies and how they must work together.

Candidates that we work with are capable of directing both on and off-page optimisation projects to support the success of other digital marketing tactics. They have experience working across multiple media channels – driving traffic to a range of platforms, including social media. User experience is a key part of their focus, and they demonstrate a thorough understanding and knowledge about how this impacts SEO and SEM strategy.


With this in mind, our SEO and SEM executives have a proven track record of cross-team collaboration and understand the importance of close working relationships with other departments, especially those involved with social media and PPC to optimise the success of every campaign.

Alongside strategic planning, our candidates have expertise in executing tests, collecting and analysing online analytics data, rankings and other key SEO aspects. Their ability to analyse the data they collect means they can identify trends and insights, using this data to achieve maximum ROI in search campaigns. They undertake comprehensive SEO audits, and are able to report their findings to executive boards and team members alike, as well as apply them to the activities of related departments.

We work with SEO and SEM experts, who have the ability to identify and review technical issues as well as recommend and implement appropriate fixes. As such, continued development is integral to their career plan, and they are enthusiastic in their efforts to keep abreast of SEO trends and updates, as well as integrated digital marketing tools and best practice.

Our candidates are particularly familiar with dominant search engines such as Google and Bing algorithm updates and how to optimise existing and future content as changes occur – amending formatting, content style and metadata as appropriate. Ensuring maximum return on campaigns and the ability to compete with key competitors, motivates them to do their job as well as they possibly can.


Our SEM and SEO professionals are capable of contributing to overall business development, liaising with senior leaders to shape the future of the organisation they work for. They use their strong analytical and problem-solving skills to be innovative and pragmatic in business decisions.

At this level, we expect our candidates to have significant experience in managing departmental administration as well as in leading and mentoring performance management. They’ll be hands-on and sensitive in their management of a team of SEO specialists, encompassing individuals focused on all areas of online and digital marketing. They can form new teams or bring new energy and development opportunities to an established department.

They’ll have proven on a number of occasions that they have the communication skills to deal with team juniors through to CEO level colleagues. Our candidates are comfortable communicating on a one-to-one and coaching basis, as well as using accurate business terminology in report-writing or important presentations.

Salt & Shein referrals are comfortable managing campaign expenses to ensure they stay on budget, and work with financial directors to establish budget priorities and ensure appropriate spend. They’ll manage allocation of resources, reconcile discrepancies and play an active role in estimating monthly and longer-term costs.


We also successfully place candidates in SEO and SEM agency and consultancy-based roles, where they take responsibility for helping a range of clients to identify and create tailored search engine optimisation strategies.

For these roles we work with candidates who are experienced in managing client-facing responsibilities, translating each client’s overall business goals into actionable digital strategies. They are able to interact with a wide range of clients across a variety of roles, providing and explaining complex reports both at the ideas stage and when results come in.

Our consultancy experts are also confident in making strategic adjustments and liaising with clients about them, providing regular advice and updates around areas such as keyword strategy.


At Salt & Shein, we work with discretion to help candidates find their next role. With almost two decades of experience in SEO and SEM recruitment, we have strong relationships with the top employers in Australia and can provide expert advice around developing your career strategy.

Our sophisticated market-mapping techniques allow us to remain on top of industry developments and we can negotiate for you to ensure you find the perfect role.

We understand that the right role requires a unique mix – you need the right blend in terms of team fit, career progression, salary opportunity and something you’re passionate about.

With experience across Australia and overseas, we help candidates achieve immediate and long-term career goals.

If it sounds like you have the necessary SEO and SEM experience required for the types of roles we recruit for, get in touch today for a confidential conversation with one of our consultants.

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