Digital Account Management

The modern business environment is incredibly fast-paced. For this reason, it’s important to have someone on your team who can manage your digital team competently for the best results possible. A digital account manager can transform the marketing and analytics performance of your business to encourage valuable customer engagement.When considering how you’ll recruit for your digital roles, it’s important to identify the gaps in your team or business, and recognise which skill sets are going to benefit your business and solve potential problems.

What is a digital account manager?

A digital account manager takes charge of planning and developing digital strategy for a business or their clients, and manages the process right down to delivery. With an understanding of the different types of media practices, the digital account manager executes the timeline of a project to ensure that members of the wider digital team are on track for delivery, as well as analysing the performance of previous strategies to constantly improve outcomes.

Staying ahead of the curve when it comes to emerging technology and trends is important for a digital account manager, including new social media platforms and means of distributing digital content. The nature of the digital media industry means people in these roles need to be versatile with an ability to adapt to new software – technology is constantly updating, and not being able to keep up with these changes could be fatal for a business.

What can a digital account manager do for my business?

In today’s internet-driven world, a digital account manager is a powerful player on your team. For e-commerce or service businesses, a person in this role may challenge you to look beyond your traditional sales tactics and introduce a range of new software and digital solutions to push your company ahead. Simply having a company website isn’t enough – a digital account manager will implement a strategy to further your business in different aspects, from cementing your social media presence, to pushing your website to the top of the search engine results page, or creating personalised marketing experiences for your customers.

Depending on the nature of your business, hiring this role may not be the difference between sink or swim. However, surviving and thriving are two very different things. A digital account manager may be the key to unlocking more valuable customer engagements through online presence, sophisticated digital executions, and expert performance analysis than gained through existing tactics.

What should I look for when hiring for this role?

When it comes to digital account management, there are skills essential to the success of this role in your business. These skills may include:

  • Drafting and handling a client budget.
  • Creating and presenting comprehensive reports.
  • Base project management skills, including client communication and monitoring team performance and dynamics.
  • Analysing key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Discussing KPIs with clients and collaborating with them to determine how to improve these, for example tangible sales or email click-throughs.
  • An understanding of SEO and how to optimise content for web.
  • Interpersonal skills such as team work and empathy.

You will need to determine the different skill sets or areas of expertise for the type of digital account manager that will make the biggest impact for your business.


 A digital account manager for a creative agency will need to have a base understanding of the software involved, such as Adobe Creative Suite, and a realistic understanding of the timeframes and risks involved in a creative project. This includes consulting with and managing a client budget, and acting as an advocate on behalf of your creative studio team ensuring that the client understands the value, duration and cost of the work involved. Those managing creative digital accounts need to have the capacity to comprehensively understand a client brief and present this to the studio team with clarity so that everyone is on the same page for the project.

Analytics and reporting

For those hiring for an e-commerce business, the candidate chosen as the digital account manager would require a strong skill set in analytics and reporting, and a strong proficiency in the software used, such as Salesforce. A digital account manager in this area would need to have the capacity to report on the metrics of web performance and articulate these findings to the wider team in a way that they could understand.

Brand engagement

A knowledge of social media networks is essential for those managing digital accounts for brand engagement in order to boost the web presence of your brand or business. This includes an understanding of social media marketing strategies, cross-platform strategic distribution and how to use software such as Mailchimp. A person in this role needs to have strong customer service skills and audience awareness, including devising user personas to help the wider team hit the brief with their digital executions for optimum engagement.


While a digital account manager for web or digital product development wouldn’t necessarily need an in-depth understanding of back and front end web development, they would still need to have an awareness of successful user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design practices. This way, a digital account manager can make informed recommendations based on their own analytics research, and implement different projects to boost ROI.

Ideally, a digital account manager should be a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to understanding the different processes within your digital team, even if they aren’t experts in the area. Many of these abilities overlap as no one digital account manager will have the exact same skills as another. However, it is important to note that depending on whether they came from a background of marketing and communications, computer sciences or commerce, their own personal areas of expertise may be in a department that is irrelevant to your business needs. Determining what skills are necessary for your company is crucial when hiring for this role.

Benefits of using a recruitment agency when hiring for this role

Digital marketing roles in general can be a headache for hiring managers, especially if they aren’t familiar with the jobs themselves and what skills are necessary for their business. A recruitment agency can help in fine tuning your needs and determining the perfect fit for your company.

When it comes to digital recruitment, Salt & Shein are the experts. With a comprehensive understanding of the different skill sets required for a successful digital account manager, our team attract only the best in candidates and are ready to connect these professionals with your business.

To find out more about how a digital account manager can transform your business, get in touch with our team today.