• What marketing jobs and roles do you need for a complete team?

    When it comes to assembling a superstar marketing team, there are several pairs of boots to fill to ensure you have a wide range of skills at your disposal.

    From the natural born leaders to mathematical masterminds, here are six integral roles you need to complete your marketing team.

    1. Marketing Director

    For successful marketing to occur in a collaborative environment, you need a leader who is going to keep the rest of the team on track, Acting as a point of liaison between different parts of the team and the wider company, the Marketing Director has to almost be a jack-of-all-trades, with a base understanding of the various roles and what sufficient output looks like. The Marketing Director is needed to research and strategise the next move for the team, and coordinate these efforts. 

    2. Content Strategist

    Similar to the research duties of the marketing director, the role of the Content Strategist is to gather information about your prospective audience and find out how to use this data to generate sales. This may include developing user personas for your client base and conducting market research. This involves ensuring content and the distribution align with the intended audience and assisting in evaluating previous marketing efforts to ensure maximum success rates

    Content Writers should be well-versed in SEO and optimising copy for search to get the most out of your marketing efforts.

    3. Content Writer

    Arguably the most valuable link in the marketing team chain, the Content Writer is in charge of crafting unique content to engage your customer base. These writers need to be proficient across a range of mediums, including blogs, email copy, and whitepapers, and need to have a natural flair for the written word. In addition, Content Writers should be well-versed in the world of SEO and optimising copy for search in order to get the most out of your marketing efforts.

    Man and woman working together in an office.Including a variation of skills is key when it comes to assembling a superstar marketing team.

    4. Data Analyst

    Handling the numbers, a Data Analyst will help your team identify specific targets by interpreting statistics and trends for optimum customer engagement. Working closely with the Content Strategist, the Data Analyst assists in mapping the impact of a campaign and determining what works for your audience. This role requires strong mathematical analytics and problem-solving skills, as well as an ability to read between the lines to draw clear predictions and information from statistical data.

    5. Community Manager

    A point of contact between company and customer, the Community Manager is in charge of customer support and ensuring the product or marketing is audience-friendly. This can involve:

    • Working alongside the social media operator of a business.
    • Answering customer questions.
    • Advocating and spreading the word of the brand. 
    • Providing authentic and empathetic advice to audiences.

    It is important that your community manager engages with audiences, with their best interests in the equation.

    It is important that your community manager engages with audiences, not at them, and puts their best interests into the equation to ensure the marketing doesn't come across as persistent or aggressive.

    6. Product Marketer

    A mix of the five aforementioned roles, a Product Marketer produces writing and strategies for a product or company. Like a Content Writer, product marketers create copy for a product – however, there are key differences between the roles. While Content Writers produce articles to further the reach and engagement of a brand or company, a Product Marketer produces content solely for the purpose of selling and promoting a product to a potential customer.

    In addition to the creation of content, Product Marketers partake in research observing how audiences receive a product, their interactions, and how this can be improved. These marketers often engage in personal interactions with customers through phone calls and social media, and work closely with the Data Analyst and Content Strategist in identifying potential collaborators or influencers and opportunities for promotion.

    Without the power of each of these roles, the marketing process would not be as effective. If you're interested in building a star marketing team, get in-touch with our in-house recruitment experts.

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