• Traditional media emerges as most reputable corporate affairs channel

    External communications channels for businesses have rapidly diversified over the past decade, with the emergence of social media influences and other digital strategies adding extra challenges for the professionals that manage them. 

    As people's dependence on technology increases, it seems logical they would gradually begin to prefer digital channels over established communication methods such as radio and television. However, research from Ogilvy PR has discovered this isn't the case. 

    According to a survey the firm produced, company messages communicated through media channels that people are familiar with are considered more trustworthy. 

    Despite the fact that these channels are the most trusted by the general public, the majority of respondents to the firm's survey believe that organisations need to cover all of their bases to ensure messages are getting through and gaining traction. 

    Nearly half (44 per cent) of those surveyed by Ogilvy PR, state that it's important that a communications strategy combines "traditional, social and paid media". 

    Interestingly, the journalists covered in the survey believe there is a fine balance between too much and not enough media cover for organisations. Almost two-thirds (65 per cent) believe that the more coverage a company gets, the more credible they appear to be. 

    Some, on the other hand, stated that too much media coverage can result in the opposite effect. 

    Head of Media Relations Jennifer Risi said companies need to integrate all of these channels to ensure their messages are reaching their audience. 

    "Today, the power of earned media for the strategic communication of a brand's key messages should not be underestimated – it often lends brands the third-party credibility and validation today's savvy consumers seek out prior to making purchasing decisions," she said. 

    These trends could still shift further toward digital channels, especially as Ofcom reports that people now spend double the amount of their time on smartphones as they do on laptops or tablets. Because of this, people are constantly engaging with corporate affairs messages

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