• Poor employee communications driving disengagement

    Poorly-executed internal communications are driving disengagement across the business world and creating a serious issue for communications and corporate affairs specialists

    That's according to new findings, published by theCOMMSapp, a technology company working in the internal communications space. The research tracked the different methods organisations are using to manage these communications and the effect this is having on business performance.

    The study found that by far the most common communication channel businesses are pursuing internally is email, used by the vast majority (89 per cent) of those who took part in the survey. This even put email ahead of other communication methods like speaking in person.

    Alternatives like a corporate intranet were also far less common, used by only 32 per cent of respondents.

    While email is clearly the preferred communication method, the survey also highlighted the limits of this avenue. Almost a third (30 per cent) of respondents stated that they ignore emails from their boss – creating a significant risk for an internal communications strategy. A similar number (33 per cent) reported that they wanted more communications from their employer.

    The study also revealed an important link between engagement and corporate communications. For example, 68 per cent stated that the frequency of corporate communications affects their job satisfaction, while 62 per cent said the same was true of the methods used to drive this engagement.

    Despite this, 50 per cent reported they felt out of the loop when it came to corporate communications.

    Clearly, there is a lot of room for internal communications to improve in order to better meet the needs of individual employees. With employee engagement hinging on getting this process right, the demand for specialised communication efforts is also going to increase.

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