• New report advocates digital corporate affairs strategy

    Communicating corporate affairs messages to the general public demands professionals that can follow and react to the current trends dictating these efforts. 

    As more people make their way online for business and leisure, organisations need to ensure their communication methods are following suit. According to statistics compiled by Vivid Social Research Division and published by Social Media News, social media is the digital platform of choice for the public.

    The pair discovered that Australians accessed Facebook around 14 billion times over the month of June this year, marking it as a communications channel businesses cannot afford to ignore. 

    The effect this has for organisations wishing to spread their messages was detailed in the Digital PR Report published by The Public Relations Consultants Association (PRCA). The firm found that two of the most popular reasons businesses join social media are to raise awareness of their goals (67 per cent) and to provide a communication platform for their followers (56 per cent). 

    On top of this, The PRCA discovered that businesses are having to deal with the negative aspects of social media communication less frequently. Only 6 per cent are having to weather attacks from other users, a decrease on previous years. 

    However, despite the increase in positive feeling toward these digital channels, organisations are still hesitant about spending more on their use. The PRCA found that average spending on these platforms is resting at around 16 per cent, a similar result to what the firm has observed in the past. 

    Most corporate affairs professionals are also targeting specific channels with their social media strategies. Unsurprisingly, Facebook and Twitter continue to lead the way in terms of use, with 96 and 90 per cent of respondents using them respectively. 

    LinkedIn is rapidly rising in popularity however, with the professional networking site seeing 14 per cent growth in the number of organisations that post on it. 

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