• Journalists increasingly turning to corporate news sources

    The number of journalists relying on resources from organisations has increased in recent months, with more relying on press releases and similar resources from business connections.

    That's one of the findings from the 2015 Gorkana Survey of Financial Journalists, which aimed to understand how news stories in the financial sector are being communicated and spread

    According to the research, corporate news sources are increasing in popularity, with 46 per cent of respondents citing these as a source for articles. A further 26 per cent use corporate newsrooms, while 16 per cent are relying on businesses' social media sites.

    This diversity underscores how journalists are now relying on a diverse range of sources when writing a news piece, including a heavy reliance on information provided directly from a company. 

    While these sources are among the areas that have seen the greatest growth in the most recent survey, there are still other avenues that are more heavily relied upon. According to the survey participants, subject matter experts were the most popular source for a story (71 per cent), while newspapers and other publications also ranked highly (67 per cent).

    Finally, the survey also examined which individuals within an organisation are seen as the most reputable for a journalist. CEOs were seen as the most trustworthy source, with 61 per cent of respondents stating these are a valuable source of information. Other credible positions include technical experts within a company (58 per cent) and industry analysts (53 per cent).

    Jeni Chapman, the managing director of Gorkana US, suggested there was more that communications professionals can do to build this reputation.

    "It is clear that the trust in CEOs and other key sources that was lost during the financial crises in financial institutions is slowly returning," stated Ms Chapman. "But there remains a significant gap in credibility and an opportunity for the corporate communications and public relations industry to strengthen relationships with financial media."

    For communications and corporate affairs experts, this study highlights how important it is to build the credibility of company figures like a CEO as a way to then cement a reputation for credibility among journalists.

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