• Are data insights the key to corporate affairs management?

    The substantial amount of data businesses generate in their day-to-day operations is beginning to define the way a number of industries measure their performance and relationship with the public. 

    Some, such as retail, are using big data analytics as an opportunity to achieve a greater insight into the way consumers engage with brands, products and communications. This isn't the only way businesses are using the technology, and its status as an emerging trend mean it is open to innovative and disruptive uses. 

    In fact, new research has suggested that corporate affairs professionals stand to benefit from the insights that can be gained by using big data analytics effectively. 

    Technology research expert Gartner found it's this commitment to discovering innovative uses for data analytics that will define the trend for the remaining months in 2015. The firm found that almost three-quarters of the companies it surveyed are either already making use of big data, or will be implementing a solution in the coming year.

    According to PR Newswire, there are a range of insights that can be pulled from big data to benefit corporate affairs channels. The first of these is these behavioural data, a category that can assist companies in learning how the general public react to messages across different channels and how they typically respond. 

    PR Newswire states this is especially useful for companies with a notable digital presence, as it's significantly easier to monitor customer behaviour in the digital world. This can include tracking the links that viewers click on regularly on company websites and social media profiles or the way this content is shared. 

    It's also important to measure the quality of audience reactions by tracking engagement with these methods. This means going beyond measuring views and taking note of the way people click on, share and comment on corporate affairs messaging, as well as trends these behaviours signify. 

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