• 3 tips for bringing excitement back to social media

    Remember when social media first came about? The buzz that Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat first had? The speed at which you could get news, share content and connect with your friends?

    These platforms have become so engrained into our everyday lives that they've rather lost some of their charm.

    Nowadays, people are becoming bored scrolling through news feeds, they're culling Facebook friends and they're finding it hard to believe shared content due to the mistrust surrounding fake news. But for communication professionals, social media is still an integral tool that must be utilised properly in order to reap rewards.

    How can you engage your audience and breathe life back into these platforms?

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    1) Move beyond the stock photos

    Stock photos are cheap and easy, but they're also being used by all your competitors. As more and more content gets produced, consumers are going to start recognising when the same images are used, and this means that any new images are going to garner much more attention. 

    Creating unique photos doesn't have to be expensive. Consider using simple things like natural light, or bringing in new faces. Taking the occasional picture of goings on in the office and posting that to Instagram or Facebook, for example, is a great way to mix up your images, as well as show the people behind your brand. 

    2) Get live streaming!

    While social media has been around for a number of years now, live streaming is still relatively novel (although is being picked up by more and more people). However, it doesn't have to be a huge publicity stunt like the way HBO announced the new series of Game of Thrones. Here they asked their audience to comment on Instagram with the fire emoji in order to melt a block of ice with the date hidden inside.

    Instead, consider creating an Instagram story of your company's next big event or product launch, asking your audience to comment with suggestions of what they might like to see next. 

    3) Engage your audience

    The best thing about social media is that it enables brands to have a two-way conversation. They're not just putting adverts out into nothingness – customers can now answer back. So when using social media, make sure you reply to people's comments and start a conversation in order to win meaningful engagement. This enables your audience to interact much more with your brand, and also gives you the ability to gain customer feedback more easily. 

    Social media should certainly remain an integral part of any communication strategy. However, it's important that communication professionals are keeping it exciting and interactive. For more information on industry trends, visit our Insights page

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