CommsCon 2019

Amplification may be the REAL king of content today

Self-described hybrid creative-PR shop Poem came with a loud and definite call for all public relations and creative agency practitioners to consider amplification as essential to the content mix. There’s no point in making beautiful content if there’s no budget left to amplify it.

In their CommsCon session, Kate Raleigh and Matt Holmes from Poem outlined their tips for creating effective and memorable content:

  • First, understand the dimensions, the audience and the consumption habits of each platform. A video made for Instagram or Facebook is not going to work on YouTube.
  • Remember that rational decisions are not the only factor in play in creating good content. Emotional triggers drive purchase behaviour.
  • Try not to overcomplicate your story with too many messages. Focus instead on multiple executions.
  • Organic reach “apart from cat videos” is basically dead.  A content campaign can only be as good as it’s amplification budget. Put some budgetary “fire under the content” – don’t spend all your budget on making it.

According to Poem, the old walls between advertising and public relations are rapidly disappearing which will open up new areas to PR practitioners. Considering paid expertise when hiring new members of your crack PR team is one of those new frontiers.