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Executive Search & Selection


In-house Recruitment

Managing reputational risk is top of mind for modern organisations. Stakeholders expect organisations to engage with them on a range of complex issues.

This requires professionals with the skills and expertise to provide expert counsel on how to protect and manage your organisation’s reputation. It is only fitting then that appropriate time and effort is invested in their selection and appointment.

Having specialised in the search and selection of corporate affairs executives for over two decades, Salt & Shein is known for its ability to deliver. Using some of the most sophisticated market-mapping and research ever undertaken, the search team at Salt & Shein has the ability to move quickly and efficiently.

Our services include providing expert advice on best practice organisational structure and role definition. Working with the same consultant from start to finish, you’ll have the valuable resource of a skilled expert who will invest the time to develop a deep knowledge of your business to ensure quality outcomes.

Salt & Shein offers tailored, flexible solutions geared towards ensuring the results your organisation is looking for. We are committed to fostering a real sense of business partnership. 

Public Relations Consultancy Recruitment

Consultancies face many challenges, from managing multiple and diverse client expectations – let alone winning new business consistently – to attracting and retaining the best people in the industry. Doing so in a fast-paced and constantly changing environment with increasingly diverse media channels and consumers makes it even tougher to compete and stand out.

Lucinda AttrillAt Salt & Shein, we understand that finding the right talent is crucial to business success. We help our clients by sourcing and qualifying candidates with the right cultural fit, experience and mindset. Our in-depth understanding of the Australian and international markets positions our team strongly to manage our client and candidate expectations.Cynthia Carmody

Lucinda Attrill and Cynthia Carmody provide deep insight, advice and support to drive mutually beneficial outcomes for consultancies and candidates alike.

Whether you are a growing or established consulting practice, or someone looking to develop your career, we can add value.

For advice on the industry, or to discuss your needs, please contact Lucinda or Cynthia by phone or email:

Lucinda Attrill

Direct: +61 2 9947 9718

Mobile: 0405 219 732


Cynthia Carmody

Direct: +61 2 8035 8821

Mobile: 0434 527 073